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At Taylors College Sydney, you’ll learn from academics who know what it takes to achieve success at the University of Sydney. They’ll support you all the way to your undergraduate degree.

Alan Moran  Head of College Taylors College Sydney

Alan Moran

Head of College – Taylors College Sydney

As Head of College, I bring an extensive background as Principal of secondary schools as well as university pathway colleges.

Taylors is one of the leading international pathway colleges in Sydney. At Taylors, we believe education provides opportunities that can change lives. It is very clear to me that the College places the students’ experience at the forefront of what it does. Quality education is supported by quality care and the students at Taylors receive the very best of both.

I invite you to be part of the Taylors learning community.

Jacquie Hargreaves, the Deputy Principal, Taylors College Sydney.

Jacquie Hargreaves

Deputy Principal, Taylors College Sydney

I have been Deputy Principal at Taylors College since late 2007, and I have a long career in international education and Mathematics. I have co- authored several Mathematics textbooks and delivered lectures to students and teachers on my favourite subject.

Students often laugh at Orientation when I say “my job is to make you happy”, but I am responsible for ensuring students have a challenging and fulfilling experience at Taylors College. Happy, engaged, curious students are likely to be the most successful. I see Taylors College as encouraging students to try something new, to go beyond their home school experience, in a safe environment.

Rosie Giddings, the Dean of the preparation programs at Taylors College Sydney.

Rosie Giddings

Dean of Students,  the University of Sydney Foundation Program 

As Dean, my role is to help students achieve their full potential by supporting both their academic and welfare needs.

The University of Sydney values independent thought, critical thinking skills, information literacy, an understanding of world affairs, and good communication skills. Our University of Sydney Preparation Programs encourage all of these attributes in our students.

The world of work is now a global one, so studying at Taylors College Sydney will enable you to have contacts all around the world thanks to the 40+ different nationalities of students who study with us. The cross-cultural knowledge that you gain is immeasurable.

Mona Peters, the Associate Dean of Students for the University of Sydney Foundation Program at Taylors College Sydney.

Mona Peters

Associate Dean of Students, the University of Sydney Foundation Program 

As Associate Dean of the University of Sydney Foundation Program, I am responsible for supporting the students in achieving their educational goals while they meet the challenges of living and studying abroad. Having reared three sons of my own, and having held the position of President of the Parents Association for many years in my son’s high schools, I feel I have a very clear understanding of the parent’s expectation of the education offered to their children. 

My philosophy of education for life underpins my approach inside and outside the classroom hence my strong support of the Co-Curricular programs at Taylors College Sydney. These programs aim to challenge the students encouraging them to build their social skills as well as confidence, communication and problem solving skills.  All of which are valuable skills necessary to navigate through life’s challenges and are most valued by future employers.


High Achiever’s program’s student advisor Rebecca James Vazquez

Rebecca James Vazquez

University of Sydney High Achievers Preparation Program (HAPP) Student Adviser, Taylors College Sydney

I have worked in international education in various countries for over 20 years and am passionate about the opportunities and lifelong learning it facilitates. As Careers Coordinator and HAPP Student Adviser I am responsible for the smooth transition of our students into university. In addition to this, we run Careers workshops, the Career Ahead program and our new Taylors College Volunteer Group. Liaising with the University of Sydney (Usyd) and promoting events which engage the students and expand their knowledge base is also of great importance as they embark on the next stage of their international education journey.

In 2016 the High Achiever’s Preparation Program (HAPP) was introduced at the Sydney Campus. The program has enjoyed excellent results and the students are motivated to succeed. The Student Ambassador Mentoring Program teams HAPP students with USyd mentors and allows students to establish enriching relationships and develop a comprehensive understanding of campus life. All of our students are encouraged to be the very best that they can be – successful, committed, engaged, empathetic and self-aware – in order to meet the challenges they will face in this rapidly globalising and highly competitive world.

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