Job opportunities in Sydney for students

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As the largest city in Australia, Sydney is an exciting place to begin your career. Sydney has over five million people in its metropolitan region, finding satisfaction and fulfilment in their careers and lives. Whether you’re looking for a graduate job after finishing your studies or hoping for part-time work whilst completing your degree, living in Sydney provides plenty of opportunities for you to enter the workforce.

A great way to ensure you have the skills to find employment in Sydney is to attend a university that provides opportunities and programs to enhance your employability skills and give you direct access to industry. The University of Sydney ranks #1 in Australia and #4 globally for graduate employability (QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2023). The University is in the heart of Sydney, surrounded by bustling suburbs and close to the city, meaning there are plenty of places you can look for part time employment whilst you study. Many students at the University of Sydney find career success whilst living here.

If you’re looking to work as an international student in Sydney, you can develop your academic, language and study skills as you complete your foundation studies at Taylors College. Programmes here are an ideal stepping stone towards degree study at the prestigious University of Sydney – and an exciting career beyond.

What you’ll need to get a job in Sydney 

Personalised CV 

The first thing you’ll need when looking for a job in Sydney is a CV. This will be how you impress employers, by listing your experience and interests to help you stand out from the crowd. Depending on how you find and apply for your role, you can apply with a physical copy of your CV or a digital version. 

Your CV will need to include the following things: 

  • Name 
  • Contact details 
  • Education history 
  • Employment history and work experience 
  • Relevant skills to the job you’re applying for 
  • Personal interests that show who you are as a person. 

As a Taylors College Sydney student, you will receive help writing your own CV through our Study Smart program. There are also many tutorials and templates online for you to find inspiration from. 

Australian bank account 

In order to get paid, you will need an Australian bank account. Be wary of employers who want to pay you in cash, as you may not be getting paid the correct award, as well as not being protected by proper work rights. You can research different bank choices online or go with a bank local to you, making it easy to visit the branch. If you are an international student, you need to make sure that you open an account known as a transaction account, which any bank should be able to help you with. 

Tax File Number 

You need a Tax File Number both to work and to open a bank account in Australia. This number is unique to you and is obtained from the Australia Tax Office. If you have a valid subclass 500 Student visa, then you can apply for a Tax File Number Online. 

Ambition and drive 

The most important thing to have when looking for job opportunities in Sydney is to have ambition and drive. The employment market can be competitive but by being prepared and not giving up, you can find the perfect job for you. 

How to get a job as a student in Sydney 

With so many things to see and do in Sydney, you will have plenty of choices for part-time work whilst you study. Here are some potential places you can find employment opportunities as a student: 

  • Online (on job websites or through social media) 
  • On your university campus 
  • In-person (job adverts inside establishments you frequent) 
  • Through university staff and friends 
  • Employment agencies 
  • Work placements and internships as part of your studies 

Once you’ve found a position that you’re interested in, it’s time to submit your application. In Australia, it is okay to call the recruiter or contact the employer to find out more about the position prior to applying. Currently international students can work as many hours as they like, however this reverts to 20 hours per fortnight from June 30th 2023. However, it’s best to only work the hours you need in order to dedicate enough time to your studies. 

If you are an international student, you will need to check the requirements of your visa. Most students study on a subclass 500 Student visa, which allows you to live, work and study in Australia for up to five years alongside your studies. This visa permits you to work up to a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight during term time and unlimited hours during breaks from study. 

Top 6 part-time jobs in Sydney for students 

If you need some inspiration when thinking about your work options, look at our list of possible part-time jobs in Sydney for students: 

  • Bar work: Bar work is a great choice for students as shifts frequently take place after your classes in the evening. 
  • Hospitality: Like bar work, working in hospitality in a café or restaurant allows you to choose shifts around your study schedule. 
  • Retail: In a city as large as Sydney, there are plenty of retail opportunities for students – and you may even be able to choose a shop based on your interests. 
  • Food delivery: Food delivery has become increasingly popular in recent years, making it a great way to earn money – as well as a fantastic form of exercise. 
  • Administrative assistant: These jobs are perfect for those who may prefer to work at a desk rather than on their feet. 

No matter what job you end up choosing, working alongside your studies is a great way to develop your interpersonal skills and prove you can do well in a working environment – which will be useful skills to have when you begin your graduate career. 

Frequently asked questions 

Does Sydney have good job opportunities? 

Tourism in Sydney means jobs in hospitality and retail are often available for students whilst studying. Equally, there many opportunities for graduates. You can apply four-year post study work visa, making it a great place to kick start your career in a truly global city. 

How can a student find a job in Sydney? 

There are many ways to find jobs in Sydney. You can take the traditional approach of handing your CV out in-person around the city, or you can use the internet to find opportunities through job listing websites or social media. 

Which skills are most in-demand in Australia? 

There are many career opportunities in various sectors for students and graduates of Australian universities. As long as you’re ambitious and dedicated, you will impress employers.