Taylors College Sydney opens a remote learning centre in Shanghai

Shanghai students in class

We are pleased to announce that on the 1st March 2021, Taylors College Sydney opened its flagship remote learning centre at the Xuhui campus of the Shanghai Institute of Technology.

Here at Taylors College Sydney, during the midst of the global pandemic, we are more committed than ever to providing our students the highest quality education and best student experience possible. This is why it has been our aim to allow University of Sydney Preparation Program students the opportunity to study on-campus, and receive live lectures and tutorials via the virtual classroom with our teachers in Sydney.

At the remote learning centre, students have the option to live on-campus in specially designed dormitories, so they are able to take advantage of the University’s academic and leisure facilities. Additionally, students can use this opportunity to learn from the experiences of three outstanding graduates from the University of Sydney Foundation Program that are currently studying online at the University of Sydney. These three former student ambassadors currently live on-campus in Shanghai, and are there to support current students through English conversation clubs, outdoor leisure activities and more.

At the opening ceremony of the centre, Alex Chevrolle, managing director of Study Group Australia & New Zealand, connected with the inaugural class virtually. In his address, he said, “students who are taking online courses in China are eager for more opportunities for interaction. Our online teaching allows students to experience and participate in the content of the course, and the new learning centre we established in Shanghai means that students can communicate face-to-face, and jointly complete coursework and extracurricular activities”.

Mr Chevrolle, on behalf of Study Group, thanked Shanghai Institute of Technology for its strong support of the remote learning centre, and said he looked forward to seeing the students in Sydney at some point in the future. Two student ambassadors from Taylors College Sydney also took to the stage to give speeches, sharing their views about commencing studies during the pandemic, as well as insights about learning in the virtual classroom. They shared their admiration for the new class by saying, “jump out of your comfort zone - this is where real life begins! Whether the sudden pandemic is a crisis or an opportunity: tomorrow is a mystery, yesterday is history, but today is a gift”.

The Taylors College Sydney Shanghai Centre combines the latest network technology, a traditional campus life experience and a complete Australian education, all of which combined is a brand new teaching experience. Additionally, we have begun a new round of enrolment for the University of Sydney Foundation Program Intensive intake, commencing 19 April 2020. Apply now to secure your place on this exciting pathway to your degree; applications close on 12 April 2021.