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Why study a foundation program?

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Specifically designed to help you on your journey to university, studying a foundation program can open up new opportunities to students in many different subjects.

What is a foundation program?

A foundation program is a preparatory course for pre-university students, and works to teach the skills and specialised knowledge individuals will need as they begin their degrees and move forward in their academic careers. It usually takes a year to complete and can be done at a university-affiliated or independent college.

At Taylors College Sydney, we offer the University of Sydney Foundation Program (USFP) in 15 different subject specialisations. We aim to help international students achieve their academic and personal goals of studying abroad. In 2019, 97% of USFP students successfully received offers to study their degree of choice at the University of Sydney, making this the best foundation route to one of Australia’s top ranked universities.

What is a foundation program equivalent to?

A foundation program is an additional qualification, intended to bolster your academic abilities and get your base knowledge and skills to a level appropriate for undergraduate study. Completing a foundation course not only fully prepares you to achieve your potential at university, but proves you are dedicated to your field of study, making you, as a prospective university candidate, shine in your application.

Benefits of studying a foundation program

As well as the main benefits of preparing for university, improving your chances of admission and bettering your understanding of your degree subject, there are many reasons to study a foundation program.

Purpose-built courses

At colleges like Taylors College Sydney, foundation programs are built with international students in mind. This means they are tailor made and attentively taught, and will deliver the course materials in an accessible way that makes sense for someone who hasn’t grown up in the Australian education system.

Improving a variety of skills

As well as giving you the opportunity to enhance your academic knowledge, a foundation program can also allow you to build important skills like time management and work prioritisation. Taylors College also focuses on helping you to improve your English language ability ahead of studying in a new country.

Gaining independence

One of the greatest things about studying a foundation program is that it gives you a chance to adjust to student life ahead of taking on your degree studies. Time to mentally and emotionally prepare for studying, especially if you plan to enrol at a university away from home or abroad, is extremely important.

Personal support

The staff and teachers at Taylors College understand that, for most students, this is their first experience of living independently from their families, and that can naturally take some time to get used to. By studying a foundation, you will be offered resources such as wellbeing management and additional support for students who join us before turning 18.

Why study a foundation program in Australia?

Studying in Australia can provide a great opportunity to gain new life experiences, as well as exposure to a globalised working culture and vibrant, varied lifestyle. With enterprising, multicultural cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, the country boasts many professional opportunities for graduates, as well as being one of the most desirable living destinations thanks to its beautiful coastlines and famously warm weather. As a student here, you can meet a variety of people from all different walks of life and learn a lot from immersing yourself in a brand new culture.

Study a foundation program in Australia with Taylors College Sydney

If studying a foundation program in Sydney appeals to you, Taylors College Sydney is a natural choice. Offering direct progression to a variety of degrees at a world-renowned university in this exciting city, the College can be your gateway into a brilliant study abroad experience.

By studying our USFP and achieving the required grades, you are guaranteed a place on a relevant degree course at the University of Sydney. Offered in three formats - Standard, Intensive and Extended - you can tailor the program to your academic needs by choosing the length of time you study for as well as when in the year you want to join us. During your time at the College, you will benefit from a combination of compulsory and elective subjects, so you can study subjects you are genuinely interested in, in order to get the most out of your foundation year.

Being an international student at Taylors College Sydney

Taylors College Sydney is located in the heart of the city, not far from the University of Sydney’s main campus. Studying here ahead of your degree will give you the chance to get to know the city as your new home, as well as get involved in the student community from day one. With inclusive events like Orientation Week and student-led societies, you will have lots of opportunities to make friends and memories at the College. As well as social support, you can gain academic and application support from our staff, who will be there to help you from the day you apply to study the USFP, right up until you enrol in your university degree.

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