Admissions support

Advice on your application

We are available to guide and support you throughout your entire application. When you apply using our direct online application form, you will be assigned a dedicated Student Enrolment Adviser. Your adviser will respond to your application within just 48 hours, continuing to support you up until your arrival.

How we help

When you use our online application form, you benefit from:

  • access to a completely free application support service.
  • access to Student Enrolment Advisers, easily reachable over the phone, by email or by instant messaging.*
  • a personal adviser who will follow your application.
  • support in more than a dozen languages, such as Chinese and Arabic.
  • help with choosing the right program for you, as well as any questions you might have about the College.
  • help with accepting your offer.
  • guidance and support with applying for your visa, including free of charge access to a visa agent in your country.

From the moment we receive your application to the moment you arrive, our team of Student Enrolment Advisers are are available to answer any questions you may have. We can offer advice on booking your accommodation, arranging airport transfers or what to bring with you.

*Instant messaging not available in all countries.

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