High Achievers Preparation Program Subjects

Advanced Mathematics

The Advanced Mathematics course is designed for students with an interest in mathematics who have shown that they possess aptitude for the subject. It provides students with the background and skills necessary for university study requiring a significant level of mathematics.  Application of mathematics to real world problems and the ability to communicate mathematical ideas is emphasised throughout the course.

Prerequisite: Year 12 Mathematics or equivalent.


- Probability; Permutations and Combinations
- Statistics
- Differential and Integral Calculus
- Applications of Calculus to Economics
- Financial Mathematics
- Applications of Calculus to the Physical World

Assessment: Competency Based.


This subject is compulsory in the course. It provides training in the English Language. The subject aims to enhance speaking, reading, writing and listening skills in English. Through a selection of topic areas-Group Structures in Society, The Family, Culture, Global Issues, Gender and The Media- students will achieve confidence in academic text analysis.

Assessment: Competency Based. 

Humanities 1. Australian History

This course investigates the major economic, social and political issues that dominate Australian History between the immediate post World War II period and today. During this time Australia has developed from a largely agricultural and manufacturing society to a multi-cultural and highly urbanised country with political and social links to Asia becoming increasingly significant. During this period Australian rights and freedoms have been critical issues that have shaped the national outlook and sense of what it means to be an Australian in the 21st Century. 

By taking this course you will learn the skills of the historian by investigating primary materials and drawing conclusions about the relevant changes to Australian society.

Assessment: Competency Based

Humanities 2 (Literature):

This subject is an elective in the course. It aims to provide training in analysis and communication needed for further academic studies. The course will enhance English language and literacy skills through imaginatively and critically engaging with a range of texts in chosen areas of study.

Assessment: Competency Based. 

Humanities 3. Sociology

This course investigates the contemporary social and cultural world.  The course will explore the interactions between persons, culture, society and the environment across time with the view of explaining why some issues stay the same and why some change in the modern world. This course draws upon cross-disciplinary concepts and social research methodologies from anthropology, communication, cultural studies, media studies, philosophy, psychology and sociology. 

By taking this course you will learn to conduct social research and to analyse your findings about the modern world.

Assessment: Competency Based

Science Practicum

Science Practicum assists in the development of language skills necessary for tertiary study. It also aids the development of the research, analysis and laboratory skills necessary for undergraduate study in biology, chemistry and physics. 

Topics include: 

- Microscope skills
- Ecological field study
- Debate about evolution
- Independent Research
- Cation and anion identification (video making)
- Volumetric analysis
- Experimental design
- Equilibrium (modelling the industrial tender process)
- Motion and forces
- Astronomy (including use of computer software)

Prerequisite: NIL

Assessment:  Competency Based

Uni Prep 1 and 2

This subject is compulsory in the course. It aims to investigate and consolidate academic skills in Research, Communication, Work Submission and Examination Techniques. The course is module based and the skills achieved are meant to be used across all other units of study in the course.

Assessment: Competency Based.