High Achievers Preparation Program tuition fees

Course year Fee (AUD) On acceptance of offer
2022 $25,000 Full amount
(Total fees are payable to commencement)

University of Sydney Foundation Program tuition fees

Program type 2022 fees
Standard Program (52 weeks) $39,800
Extended Program (75 weeks) $48,800
Intensive Program (40 weeks) $38,800

University of Sydney Foundation Program non-tuition fees

Program type 2021-22 fees
Enrolment fee# $335
HE Art kit $50 per term

Accommodation prices

Accommodation Fees (AUS)
Accommodation placement cost $320
Accommodation inspection cost $320
Homestay - Single room $399 per week
Accommodation Holiday Holding -
Homestay Single
$200 per week
Homestay - Twin room $315 per week
Accommodation Holiday Holding -
Twin Room
$158 per week
Homestay VIP - Single room $546 per week

Accommodation Holiday Holding VIP -

$273 per week

^Students aged under 18 living in homestay accommodation will be invoiced at the time of enrolment for the period until they turn 18. Monthly instalment payment plan is available.

Other costs

Supplement 2020 fee (AUS)
Airport transfer $190
Stationery and textbooks (approx) $425-$850
Living costs per annum (estimated)### $26,000
Late paymentcharge $100
HE Music subject cost## (Waterloo) $3,340
HE USYD conservatorium Pathway $5,480
Replacement of student ID card $30
Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) View prices (PDF)
Excursions $15-$270
Fines for infringement of campus rules and regulations  $40
Library overdue fine $2 per day
Student graduation ticket $100
Guest graduation ticket $100

Credit card payments

Payments by credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) will attract a 2.5% surcharge.

#Compulsory fee and non-refundable.

##Music in USFP: Students of the Foundation Program can choose to be taught individual instrumental studies either by teachers of the Conservatorium or by teachers at Taylors College Sydney. The cost of instrumental studies varies but in general it will cost approximately $2,860 to study with a Taylors College teacher and approximately $4,550 to study with a teacher at the Conservatorium.

###This is a guide only. Actual costs may vary slightly from those listed above.

Note: All prices quoted subject to change. All amounts listed on this page are in Australian dollars and include GST where applicable.

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