Student Accommodation

Student accommodation in Sydney

Experience real ‘Aussie’ (Australian) culture living with a family in homestay. Enjoy city life in a safe and central student residence. Or share with friends in a rental house or apartment.

1. Homestay

Becoming part of a real Australian home is a great way to get to know the culture and practise your English. It gives you a safe and supportive place to live. All our hosts are security checked and their homes are inspected before we place any students with them.

For further information on our approved homestay providers, please visit:

2. Student residences

You can also find a range of student residences to choose from in Sydney. These fully furnished apartments let you enjoy independent living. Shared communal areas and cooking facilities provide great opportunities to make new friends. Most residences have 24-hour security. Please refer to the following websites:


* For students 18 years and over only

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3. Rental houses or apartments

You might prefer to live in a house or apartment. We can offer advice on options close to our campus.

For information about current rental properties, visit:

Living costs


Prices per person:

  1. Homestay: $385 per week
  2. Rental: $465-752 per week

Other living costs

  • Cappuccino $3.87
  • Bottle of water $2.65
  • Fast food combo meal $10.00
  • Meal in an inexpensive restaurant $18.00
  • Cinema ticket $18.00
  • Fitness club $73.45 per month
  • Weekly Opal card (smartcard travel ticket) for buses, trains, light rail and ferries – limits fares to $65 a week or less
  • Basic utilities for an apartment (electricity, heating, water, etc.) $177.00 per month
  • Internet $68.00 per month

Note: All costs are sourced from and are estimates only. They are subject to change without notice. All costs are in Australian dollars. To convert to your own currency, visit

For more information on living costs in Australia and the minimum financial requirements to receive a student visa, visit

For more information on Opal cards, visit

The living costs for a single person in Australia are $26,741 per year according to Any school-aged dependents accompanying overseas students to Australia will be required to pay full fees if they are enrolled in either a government or non-government school.
A Taylors College Sydney graduate Ran Yang.

“My favourite things about the house are my room and my bathroom, and I love Natasha making dinner. It’s very good in homestay so don’t be nervous.”

Ran Yang, from China
USFP Homestay student

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